Relic Hunting Ethics

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Johnny says, cover your holes!

The first and foremost thing to think about when considering the hobby of relic hunting is proper ethics. Your habits and behavior in the field will reflect on yourself as well as other relic hunters in your area. We have lost too many honey holes and hott spots because of the actions of a few. We will go over the 3 most important rules to keep in mind while relic hunting.

First rule

The first thing to consider is obtaining permission. Illeagal relic hunting whether it's hunting without permission on privately owned land or trespassing on government owned land such as national battlefield parks, is to be avoided at all times. The consequences can range from getting arrested or shot and is not worth it!

Second rule

Be considerate of those around you while hunting and Respect other peoples property while on it

Odds are you will not be on your own property while hunting. Be repectful not to bother anything while on someone elses property. Go about your buisness and you should be ok as far as this is concerned.

While hunting in an area where there are other people hunting, be sure to respect their space. While most everyone that hunt for relics are friendly and don't mind the "having any luck" approach, there are exeptions like there is to everything. Some people don't like to be bothered . Untill you get to know them, it is best to approach them at the end of a hunt before trying to get better accquainted with them.

Last but not least

The most important rule while relic hunting is to cover your holes! If a property owner is nice enogh to let you hunt, be sure you repay the favor by covering your holes. This is the number 1 offense that gets all relic hunters barred from that property. It is a very important part of the hobby and if you can't deal with covering holes then you need to find a new hobby!

Follow these 3 simple things and you will become as successfull as The Rutherford County Boys.