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Who Are The Rutherford County Boys?

We are a group of 11 Civil War relic hunters located in Rutherford County Tennessee. Almost our entire collections (99%) were dug by us in Middle Tennessee. On this page you will learn a little more about us. Pictures will be posted periodically on this site of recent finds and after any major find (cannonball, CS Plate, etc) a picture will be posted ASAP on the hall of fame page. NONE OF THE ITEMS ARE FOR SALE!

 The mission of The Rutherford County Boys as a historical research group is the excavation and recovery of Civil War and other historically important artifacts. Battlefields and camping grounds where soldiers fought and died for four years in middle Tennessee (1861-1865), are disappearing at an alarming rate due to construction. If these memories from our ancestrial past are not recovered, they will soon be covered by parking lots and shopping malls.  




The Rutherford County Boys In Front Of The Rutherford County Courthouse In Murfreesboro Tennessee

Done did it again!!! Jon Parker Is the proud new owner of this Army of Tennessee style CS Confederate belt buckle! This buckle is absolutely gorgeous with no flaws and all of the hooks still attatched. This will be an heirloom in the Parker family for a very long time! Found on 1/17/2011 near the Rutherford and Coffee County border. Congrats Johnny! you deserve this!!!

Check out the Sons Of Confederate Veterans Murfreesboro Camp's website! The RCB strongly supports them in all their efforts as a historical preservation group!

Updated 1-17-2011

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