Hall Of Fame

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Best Of The Best!

Here it is! The Hall Of Fame page! If it is a headline breaking find, it will be posted on here! Updated whenever one of the boys finds something worthy of this page.

Anthony's solid cast pewter C.S.A. Belt plate found in rural Rutherford County Tennessee. Found 11-24-2006

Brent's 10 pound Parrot Shell found at a Construction site off the new Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro Tenneessee. Found 7-31-2006

2 pictures of Mark finding the 1842 Springfield Musket. 1 of the night of the find with some of the boys, the other is the finished project after electrolysis. Found Early 2005

Josh's 10 pound Parrot shell. If you ever eat at the Bonefish Grill or The Chop House in Murfreesboro TN, Thank Josh for his hard work and determination. You would eating supper on top of a live bomb had he not recovered this one!

John's Cannonball Collection Includes A 12 Pound Borman, A Hotchkiss Shell, A Baby Hotchkiss Shell, A 6 Pound Solid Shot, And A 10 Pound Parrot Shell, All Dug By Him.

Cannonballs belonging to the RCB picture taken at the 2006 Stones River Civil War Show in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Tonys 2 bayonets. 1 is a Springfield/Harpers Ferry, the other is an Enfield.

Greg Matthew's Hall of fame find. a CS 10 pound read shell recovered mid 2005 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. This thing is as slick as can be!

Sonny's 75 CS Richmond Gardners dug in a trash pit near the Murfreesborough Battlefield. All Drops! Found 1-14-2007

John Adam Parker finds his first bullet! While digging around in Sonny's newly discovered trash pit, Adam Parker finds a nice dropped CS Richmond Gardner. He becomes the youngest of the Rutherford County Boys to find a bullet at 2 years of age.

Rutherford County Boy group picture after Jeff Poland digs up a fire pit full of Burnside carbine cartridges and bullets. Found early 2005.

Guthries Sharps Carbine Rifle barrel with hatpins and other top notch relics.

Sonny find his first US Buckle on 4-22-2007

Greg Matthews 2 bayonets found 4-20-2007. Greg Also Found A Beautiful Block A Confederate Artillery Button But We Couldn't Get A Clear Picture Of It.

Marks finds of the weekend of 4-20-2007 to 4-22-2007. A weekend we will not soon forget!

Josh's First Plate! US Breast Plate, Found 5-6-2007

Jon Parker's 10# Parrot Shell Before electrolysis (him holding it) and after electrolysis.

Mark's 12# Confederate Wood Fused Cannonball and other finds from Murfreesboro on 5-6-2007

Mark's OVM Plate that has been showcased in North South Trader Magazine.

Josh's Fourth Block I Confederate Uniform Button Found 6-10-2007 In Rutherford County!

Brents US Boxplate found 7-31-2007

Josh's second 10 pound Parrott. Found 12-15-07

John Parker un-earthed this solid gold, Lascasses Highschool class of 1930 ring while metal detecting in Murfreesboro on 7-29-09. Although not Civil War related, how many people have even seen one of these? As many locals know, Lascasses High School was a tiny community school that was open from 1928 until 1971 in rural Rutherford County. This is a tremendous find that bears the initials of the original owner. Anyone with indepth knowledge of the Lascasses community is encouraged to contact me via email (listed on this page) for information.